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Supporting Our Immune System: Focus on Vitamin C

At the start of winter, we become conscious about how robust our immune system may be and look to how
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Podcast: Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna

I was really delighted to be asked in for a chat with the fab @clareslair on her show ‘Alive and Kicking’ on @newstalkfm. It's now available as a podcast in the usual podcast places!
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The WellNow Co

8 Books for The Wellness Lover in Your Life

Looking for the perfect book for the wellness lover in your life? Look no further. Suzanne Leyden from WellNow Co. shares her highlights from 2019. 1. Happy Pear's Recipes for Happiness Split into two sections, 'Eating Happy' and ‘Living Happy’,
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​5 of the Best Experiential Gift Ideas

I’ve been on a mission of giving Christmas gifts with a bit of depth to them – tapping into having experiences and making memories. This can encourage a healthy, happy and holistic approach to living and being sustainable, and they don’t necessarily need to cost a cent
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​5 Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas

With an increased consciousness of plastic usage, and wanting our kids to be healthier, happier and being as kind to the planet as possible, I wanted to put together a list of just a few gift ideas for Christmas for the young people in your life
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3 Top Tips to Eliminate School Lunchbox Angst

So, kids returning to school is imminent. While we're clinging to the last days of summer as best we can, another angst looms… the school lunchbox.
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