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WellNow Walks

Wellness Community at its Best – WellNow Walks

I really wanted to grow a real-life community around the core values of WellNow. Healthy nutrition and lifestyle leading to
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5 ways to Re-energise

5 Easy ways to energise yourself post-covid

Marking the two year anniversary of the first covid lockdown, the three kids and I had our own turn with
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5 Top Super Foods Lunchtime-Live_Andrea_Gilligan_Suzanne_Leyden_The_WellNow_Co

Newstalk Lunchtime Live: 5 Top Super Foods in season

By Suzanne Leyden Last week I was asked to give my 5 top super foods and discuss them with Andrea
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The WellNow Co Shop In Season In Ireland in February

How to Shop in Season in Ireland this February

Suzanne Leyden, qualified nutrition, health and wellness coach and owner of The WellNow Co. outlines what’s in season in Ireland this February
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The WellNow Co Meal Planning

3 Easy Steps to Meal Planning

By Suzanne Leyden As a skill meal planning may not be regarded as sexy. But it has incredible qualities that
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3 Simple Ways to Positively Impact Your Health

Planning: 3 Simple Ways to Positively Impact Your Health

By Suzanne Leyden Planning doesn’t necessarily conjure up motivational whoops of joy, but it is a key component to success.
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