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Your 90-Day Journal


An empowering way to improve your health and wellbeing at your pace, on your terms.

So many of us are feeling overwhelmed, lacking energy & joy and finding it hard to get the balance right with Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Connections.

Use this journal for setting your goals and tracking the relevant action steps to achieve the results you want.

Or simply use the journal for reflection and self-awareness to create balance in your day-to-day life.

The journal comes in three different types of cover – Hardback, Paperback and Coil Bound – so you can choose the best one for you.

It’s the perfect act of self-care, a stocking filler or a gift for a loved one. 

If you are interested in bulk ordering for your workplace you can get in touch with Suzanne at

The Benefits of Journaling

The benefits of journaling are broad-ranging. By regularly using your journal you can:

  • Reduce stress by getting structure to your thoughts and behaviours
  • Get more clarity by unravelling the thoughts in your head
  • Set and track goals around your own health and wellbeing
  • Gain improved self-awareness in each of the areas of wellbeing
  • Improve happiness by expressing gratitude regularly
“The WellNow Co Wellness Journal has had my brain sparked and motivated. It’s simple and to the point and so easy to use. I love that you can track diet, goals, gratitude and more! It gets you reflecting too which is so valuable. You can start it at any point as you fill in your own dates! Why wait for New Year?!”

What's in my Journal?

The chapters before the journal pages outline the simple approach to using the ‘Be Well Now’ 90-Day Journal. Here are the topics in the journal:

The WellNow Co Be Well Now 90-day journal
  • Preface – About the author
  • Introduction
  • The Achieving Wellbeing Model
  • Reflective Questions
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Elements of the Journal
  • Exercise – the Wheel of Life
  • Completed Samples
  • The 90-Day Journal
  • Your Additional Notes

The elements in the journal pages cover a broad range of wellness-related items to journal on. The Be Well Now journal starts with a user guide. The journal pages allow for different areas of focus around nutrition and lifestyle factors that impact your wellbeing. This includes looking at a number of areas in your life such as:

  • A food diary
  • Sleep quality and quantity
  • Movement and exercise
  • Gratitude
  • ‘Me time’
  • Space for reflection

About the Author

Suzanne Leyden Health Coach

Suzanne Leyden is a qualified nutrition, health and wellness coach and owner of The WellNow Co. She is a member of the UK & International Health Coaches Association and works with private and corporate clients both 1:1 and in groups. She is mum to three young children, and a fur-baby (dog).