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Recharge & Rebalance Your Life -
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Nutrition, health and wellness coaching for energy, balance and life
Suzanne Leyden Health Coach

Tools & techniques to support you so you can live every day in control with balance and fuel to devote your energy to what you love.

THIS is the support you've been looking for...

The WellNow Co Online Health Coaching

You know you need help, you just don't know how to start

Whether you're overwhelmed with all that life is throwing at you, or you are generally looking to improve your approach to health, we can devise a plan together to get you on track.

Suzanne Leyden Health Coach

I was in your shoes, this is how I brought balance back

Coming from a frantic work background, with life feeling totally out of whack, by making some changes to my life I was able to bring balance across all areas giving me a great sense of freedom that I craved.


There are many routes to reaching your wellness goals, here are some of our solutions for you...

Health Coaching Packages
Practical Solutions to Living a Healthy Life
Online Wellness Programmes
Bringing Health Coaching to You in a Self-Paced Accessible Way
Workplace Wellness
Guiding your team to stay healthy and well
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The WellNow Co. is Ireland’s leading provider of online health coaching solutions based in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin in Ireland. Offering Workplace Wellness, Online Wellness Programmes and Virtual Health Coaching Packages, WellNow aims to empower everyone to establish and achieve their clear health goals.

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