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Keeping your team healthy & well at all times

Life is more complicated now than ever before for both employer and employee. Working from home (WFH), hybrid working and trying to spot, and deal with, burnout are top of the agenda for most. A dedicated wellness plan focussed on your organisation and key team members will help keep everyone healthy, well and performing at their very best.

Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programmes

  1. Reduces health costs and improves stress related chronic health conditions
  2. Increases productivity
  3. Reduces absenteeism
  4. Higher employee retention & easier recruiting
  5. Increased employee engagement
  6. Higher job satisfaction
  7. Better company culture

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Suzanne Leyden Health Coach

What We Do

WellNow’s expertise is focussed on health and wellness and offers focussed strategies and solutions.

Led by Suzanne Leyden, qualified nutrition, health and wellness coach, we see every organisation as unique and work with you to create a bespoke offering for your team.

Our focussed solutions include:

  • Talks & Workshops – one-off or a series
    Broad range of expert speakers
  • Plan and implement wellness initiatives
    Access to a range of online wellness programmes
  • Creation of online wellness programmes
  • 1:1 nutrition, health & wellness coaching for C-suite & senior management
  • Managing wellbeing away days
Case Study - The WellNow Co - Droga5 - Team Wellness across the Pitch Process


The pitch process for any team can be an intense and stressful period for everyone involved. It’s a universal problem for so many businesses, and is an essential part of the advertising business model. This immersive wellness experience with leading advertising agency, Droga5, Dublin part of Accenture Song hit all the right notes.

Client Testimonial

“Suzanne’s approach is highly engaged and collaborative which ensured the delivery of a really relevant and engaging talk to our team. The knowledge imparted was at the right level for the team, and this meant she communicated simple take away tips that have already had a positive impact. I would highly recommend Suzanne and The WellNow Co.”

– Criona Turley, CEO, Capella Workplace Solutions

Our Clients

The WellNow Co Workplace Wellness

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It is widely recognised now that employee wellness is paramount to performance, productivity and an engaged workforce.

We will work with you to understand your organisation’s needs, objectives and budgets and develop a plan to match these.

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Watch our recent webinar for Capella Workplace Solutions:
"A Quick Guide to Wellness While WFH (Working From Home)"

Our Clients

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