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Health Coaching Packages

Practical solutions to living a healthy life

Our Approach

By taking a holistic approach Suzanne will empower you to achieve your own health and wellness goals through coaching to live happily and healthily. By analysing your current diet and lifestyle in a number of one-on-one sessions, together, you will devise a specific action plan targeting nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Find out more about our virtual ‘Family Health Coaching’ and ‘One-to-One Health Coaching’ packages for you below.

Whether it’s fussy eaters, over-spending on groceries, throwing out food or a desire to be more active, less stressed, more engaged and sustainable, then the ‘Virtual Family Health Coaching’ package is for you.

Completed over 4 weeks, this is a chance for your whole family to look at their healthy habits and work together to live their lives the best way you all want to.

There is no better time than now to make positive change to your nutrition and lifestyle habits. Whether your energy or mood is low, you’re not as active as you want to be or you know you could manage your stress or weight better, then our ‘One-to-One Health Coaching’ package is the solution for you.

Never has there been a better time to evaluate our health and future-proof ourselves against so many preventable illness and diseases. Wanting to be healthier is one thing, doing something about it for yourself is another. A health coach can help you establish clear goals that you want to achieve, create a practical and realistic plan and help you make it happen. Think it, plan it, do it.

Client Testimonial

Suzanne’s style is both supportive and challenging, and together we co-created a personal wellness plan designed specifically to achieve what I had committed to myself, slow things down and begin to experience a fulfilling life. The process was so helpful, in giving me a framework to organise my thoughts and aspirations, challenge me to think big and to dream again (something I had forgotten how to do!)

I really enjoyed the coaching experience and continue to enjoy the truly positive impact well beyond my coaching sessions – thank you Suzanne!”

– Susan, 43