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The workforce has never had to deal with so many challenges as it does today. There is a clear disconnect between C-level and employees in relation to wellbeing. We understand the universal difficulty in achieving wellbeing in the workplace, the tangible cost of sick days and the less tangeable costs of ‘presenteeism’.

SPARK is an immersive wellbeing programme that is created specifically for your team and organisation to succeed in achieving wellbeing. Its purpose is to unlock energy in both individuals and the teams they work in by enabling personalised behaviour change through the foundations of health and wellbeing: Nutrition, Movement, Sleep and Connections.

SPARK works by both supporting groups and individuals through workshops and 1:1 laser coaching to develop micro habits which lead to transformational change.

SPARK will help boost your team’s energy, wellbeing and output while improving culture and contribute to making your organisation enviable to work in.

The benefits to giving your team SPARK are:

  • Improved performance, leading to better quality output.
  • An increase in effectiveness for pitches.
  • Better communication, enabling teams to get into their FLOW quicker and for longer.
  • Increased empathy within the team, reducing stress and improving mood and culture.

Over the course of the 6 months individuals can expect the following:

  • Personal transformation.
  • Support and structure.
  • Establish and execute the personal behaviour change to get desired results.
  • Information and practical tips for the behaviour change you want to achieve.
  • In-workshop exercises.
  • Optional homework to get the most out of SPARK.
  • Set up with confidence to gain better health – physically and mentally.

The WellNow co group coaching

SPARK runs across 6 months with a Group Workshop and individual 1:1 laser coaching session each month online via Zoom or Teams. The content is based around the three pillared Achieving Wellbeing Model focussing on Self, Nutrition and Lifestyle. A Wellness Audit is carried at the outset and the end of SPARK.

Group Workshops:

The energy and input from group work can be incredibly motivating and inspiring. The confidential group approach allows for greater accountability, support, motivation and ultimately success in achieving personal and team goals. The group sessions cover a lot of work that would usually be done in a 1:1 coaching session. This group/1:1 model makes it a time-efficient approach while maximising results.

1:1 Laser Coaching sessions:  

These 20-minute sessions hone in on specific changes wanted by the coachee and cuts through the noise and distractions that might be getting in their way to achieving this desired change. With professional confidentiality guaranteed the coachee can work completely openly

Suzanne Leyden Health Coach what we do

As a qualified nutrition, health and wellness coach with a BA in Management Science and Information Systems Studies, a former TV commercials producer and mum of 3 young children, Suzanne Leyden knows too well how easy it is to allow your own needs be pushed to the end of the list.

Using her experience in workplace wellbeing Suzanne has worked effectively with a broad range of organisations including Deloitte UK, Droga5, part of Accenture Song and KPMG Ireland to name a few. Suzanne recognises that a team is as healthy, well and productive as each of its individuals. And an organisation is as well as the teams of which it’s comprised. Working with both individuals and teams can have a big impact on both organisational culture and business success.

As an award winning member of the UK & International Health Coaches Association Suzanne has a wealth of experience in a science-based approach to behaviour change. Suzanne and WellNow operate within a clear scope of practice.

You can read about her own story here.

The monthly group workshops can be adapted to best suit the specific team’s needs. This sample monthly breakdown shows what your programme may look like.

The holistic approach taken by the SPARK programme encompasses many areas of wellbeing from self-exploration – examining mindset, motivation, support and accountability – to looking at nutrition and lifestyle factors that can reduce stress, increase energy and improve agency.

SPARK gears individuals to be empowered to live a balanced, healthy and optimised life on their terms.

Terms and conditions apply and are dependent on the specific approach taken.