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Household & Personal Care Products for Good

Shop Bulk & Clean Products with WellNow

Welcome to our Shop Bulk & Clean offering. If you need assistance please contact us at

 At WellNow we have some of your favourite eco brands to choose from in 5 litre bulk size:

🌱 Faith In Nature
🌱 Ecover
🌱 Lilly’s Eco Clean
🌱 Bio-D
🌱 We also supply Kinvara Skincare and Green People among other natural skin care products.

The products we supply in 5 litre containers at WellNow include:

🌱 Eco Household Cleaning Products
Washing Up Liquid, clothes detergent, fabric conditioner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner also dishwasher tablets or powder.

🌱 Personal Care Products
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash and skin care range in regular sizes.

☀️ We are now thrilled to add Sunscreen & Skin Care products from the Award winning Green People

We’ve answered some FAQ’s below but if you have any additional questions drop us a line at, we’d be delighted to help.

Why Bulk Shop?

The WellNow Co Bulk Shop 5 LitreBulk buying household cleaning and personal care products can have a huge impact on the environment by reducing the packaging and resources required to buy multiple products. For example, our 5 litre shampoo/ conditioner/ bodywash / handwash containers are the equivalent of 25 x 200ml bottles. When these products are eco-friendly and kind to your body and your environment then you can have a huge impact on your health, your family’s health and the toxicity of your home.

There are two main types of products we supply:
👉 Household cleaning products
👉 Personal care products

What Are the Benefits?

There are so many benefits to buying clean household cleaning and personal care products in bulk form:
👉 Sustainable
👉 Reduce quantity of plastic packaging
👉 Reduce toxic impact in your home and the greater environment
👉 Reduce your personal toxic load
👉 Convenient to refill at home
👉 Cost effective to buy in bulk

How Can I Order?

Bulk Shop Clean ProductsHow It Works
The product and price list is also an Order Request Form. If you are interested in ordering any items you can simply tick the products you are interested in, submit the form and someone will be in touch to confirm availability, price and to arrange delivery or collection.

Where Can I Get the Products?
The products are only available in Ireland at this time. If you are within 5km of WellNow (based in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin), you can pick up and we may be able to deliver to you. If you are outside of our 5km we can let you know the shipping costs before proceeding with your order.

May – June 2021 Product and Price List
The prices and products are correct for May – June 2021 and are subject to change. We can confirm availability of products once you’ve submitted the completed form.
Next Order Deadline
Our model is based on group buying. Our order deadlines are the last Friday of the month.
Our next deadline is Friday 25th June 2021.
Get in early with your order!

Client Testimonial

“Since buying bulk products I feel like I’ve upped my game in terms of being more sustainable, but also feeling really organised in the running of my home. The weekly shop is more focussed on food now because I don’t have to think about a lot of products that I would have had to previously – from floor cleaner to clothes detergent, and shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand wash. It’s also saved a considerable amount of time and money. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a very long time!”

– Client