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Virtual One-to-One health coaching

Achieve the health goals you desire

Suzanne Leyden Health Coach what we do
Suzanne Leyden, Qualified Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach

Your Health Coach

As a qualified nutrition, health and wellness coach and mum of 3 young children, I know too well how easy it is to allow your own needs be pushed to the end of the list.

There’s a reason you’re told as a parent to put your oxygen mask on first in the case of plane crash. You are no good to anyone, let alone yourself, if you are not properly looking after your own needs. 

As a parent it is vital to be optimally healthy and well to have the energy, motivation and positive influence for your children. But why not do it for yourself first, you deserve it.

That’s why I’ve designed the ‘Virtual On-to-One Health Coaching’ package, to allow you the space to explore and define your health goals and put a bespoke plan in place just for you. No matter where you are in the world, this personalised approach will help you clarify what you want to achieve right now and set out the plan to make it happen. Think it, plan it, do it!

Tired of low energy, mood and motivation?

The ‘Virtual One-to-One Health Coaching’ package takes an holistic approach to health. There are a number of core areas I work with you on – Goal Setting, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

You know you want to be healthier but achieving this seems overwhelming. This is where the support of a health coach can help you step back and get a clear picture of where you want to go and put a clear plan in place with you.

I will give you practical information for the nutrition and lifestyle changes you are looking to make and cut through the confusing noise coming at you from online sources.

There are so many techniques and tips I can share with you while creating your plan to help you achieve:

  • Improve general health through diet
  • Sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Manage Stress Levels
  • Feel better every day
  • Be less tired and have bundles of energy
  • Manage weight
  • Improve mood

I will act as your support, helping you to form an achievable plan exactly for you.

Client Testimonial

“The experience of working with Suzanne was exceptional, very enjoyable and I gained far more than expected. Suzanne showed great passion in what she does, shared her knowledge, provided some great tips and tools. The approach was clearly adapted to ensure I was getting the upmost value and achieving my goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Suzanne, as I feel the overall experience not only put me on the right track for now but also for the future with some valuable tips and tools.”

– Michael, 1:1 client

Core Areas of Focus

Goal Setting

Getting clarity about what it is you want to achieve is critical to your success. I will work with you to get complete clarity on your goals, breaking them down with you into small achievable steps to enable to reach your goal.


I will help ensure you’re eating a balanced, nutritionally rich diet in a way that works for you and your schedule, avoiding the stress that often goes hand in hand with other ‘diets’. 

I will help you get organised with meal planning and prepping to ensure you are living sustainably.


I help you address aspects of your lifestyle you want to change. Whether it is exercise/movement, sleep, connection with others, your environment, work/life balance or stress management, I will help you to focus on behaviour and habits and get you to where you want to be.

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What's Involved?

Your month of coaching involves:

  • Completing a Welcome Pack questionnaire
  • 4 Sessions with WellNow coach, Suzanne Leyden
  • Creating a wellness plan with you
  • Recipes
  • Information Sheets
  • Video Content where necessary

To book your free discovery call drop an email to now or simply click the button below.

All this for €299

What kind of topics are covered?

Some of the areas we can look at, and help shape in a way that works for you and improves your overall health and wellbeing, are:

  • Nutrition – whether it’s looking to increase fruit and veg and reduce sugar, or managing fussy eaters in a positive and effective way, improve meal prepping and planning or improve weight management. The scope for each family is different and I will always work to you and your family specifically.
  • Exercise & Movement – Ways to motivate and educate around healthy levels of exercise for all the family.
  • Environment – whether you want to change your household cleaning and personal care products to healthier alternatives, start buying in bulk to reduce waste and be cost efficient or simply make a plan to de-clutter and love your space more we’ve got you covered.
  • Sleep – as one of the major cornerstones of health and wellbeing, sleep habits and routines are a way to improve your energy levels, mood and can impact weight management also.
  • Stress Management – the demands of family life and all that goes with it can naturally create high levels of stress. I can help show you ways to reduce and manage these better to improve the quality of life for all the family.
  • Work/Life Balance – It is easy to find our lives out of balance when we are busy working to pay for everything. But whether working to live or living to work is an issue for you we can help regain balance to allow for a fulfilled life.
  • Household Audit – Both cost and sustainability are now key aspects people want to improve in their day-to-day lives, and they can work hand in hand. Buying bulk can reduce costs, waste and plastic. A big cause of unease in a family can be controlling the household spending and budget. I can help suggest ways to cut your household costs and help you achieve it, whether it’s buying some products in bulk, switching service providers or looking at your spending habits. I never need to see your figures, but can empower you to analyse them yourself to ease your stress, and start really living.