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Sick of feeling overwhelmed, lacking energy & joy and finding it hard to get the balance right with your Sleep, Nutrition, Movement and Connections?

Spark’s combined 3 x group and 2 x 1:1 live online sessions will help boost your energy and set you up to be back in control, living your best life exactly the way you want to.

The WellNow co group coaching

Spark will run across 5 weeks and you will have either a Group Workshop or 1:1 laser coaching session each week online via Zoom or Teams. Spark will kick off with a Group Workshop on Tuesday 15th November, 7pm GMT. Numbers will be strictly limited.

Group Workshops:

Sometimes you need more than one spark to light a fire. The energy and input from group work can be incredibly motivating and inspiring. The confidential group approach allows for greater accountability, support, motivation and ultimately success in achieving your personal goals. You can cover a lot of work that would usually be done in a 1:1 session. This group/1:1 model makes it cost effective and more accessible for everyone.

1:1 Laser Coaching sessions:  

These 20-minute, 1:1 laser coaching sessions hone in on the change you want and cuts through the noise and distractions that might be getting in your way to achieving change. With professional confidentiality guaranteed you can work completely openly.

Wellnow 4 weeks coaching package

Week 1 – Group Workshop on Self-exploration – honing what it is you want to achieve and how you will approach it. We will examine mindset, motivation, support & accountability.

Week 2 – Group Workshop on Nutrition & Lifestyle Factors – to reduce stress and increase energy. Using a science-based approach to eating and living for better health, you will start creating your own plan and establishing the changes you want to make.

Week 3 – 1:1 Laser Coaching session. This 20-minute session will jump straight into your focussed area of change and we can look at what limiting beliefs may be holding you back, and how to create lasting behaviour change in the areas you want.

Week 4 – 1:1 Laser Coaching session follow up. This 20-minute session will look at your progress and further bed down the behaviour change you want and set you up for success beyond Spark.

Week 5 – Group Workshop on behaviour change beyond Spark. It will focus on how to use what you have learned to ensure lasting behaviour change. 

Suzanne Leyden Health Coach what we do

As a qualified nutrition, health and wellness coach and mum of 3 young children, Suzanne Leyden knows too well how easy it is to allow your own needs be pushed to the end of the list.

There’s a reason you’re told to put your oxygen mask on first in the case of plane crash. You are no good to anyone, let alone yourself, if you are not properly looking after your own needs. 

In this busy, stressful world it is vital to be optimally healthy and well. You too can have the energy, motivation, knowledge and support to achieve this. Do it for yourself, you deserve it. 

As an award winning member of the UK & International Health Coaches Association Suzanne has a wealth of experience in a science-based approach to behaviour change. Suzanne and WellNow operate within a clear scope of practice.

You can read about her own story here

Over the course of the five weeks you can expect the following:

  • Personal transformation.
  • Focus on what matters to you.
  • Support and structure.
  • The behaviour change you want to get the results you want.

You will also get:

  • Information and practical tips for the behaviour change you want to achieve.
  • In-workshop exercises.
  • Optional homework to get the most out of Spark.
  • Set up with confidence to gain better health – physically and mentally.

This mixed format of group and 1:1 sessions gives you cost-effective access to a holistic approach to improving your wellbeing on your terms. It also allows you to connect with other like-minded women.


  • The number of sessions and dates are outlined above. There will be in total 3 group sessions of approximately 1 hour duration. There will be two one-to-one 20-minute Laser Coaching sessions.
  • The 1:1 sessions can be booked through Calendly to secure your most favourable time once the course has comenced. They must be booked and delivered in the correct given week. Initially they will be available between 9am and 1.30pm Monday to Friday of the given week.
  • When signing up to participate in Spark you will be required to sign a Client Agreement Form.
  • Any information shared will be considered confidential in the group. By signing up to Spark you are agreeing to keep any information shared by other participants in strict confidence.
  • Minimum and maximum group numbers apply. Group coaching will be cancelled and money refunded if minimum booking numbers not met.
  • Group coaching sessions will be recorded and shared with the group to allow for availability considerations for attendees.
  • Payment in full will be made when booking into Spark.
  • Cancellations made more than 48 hours before the first session will be reimbursed, less handling fees. Money will not be refundable for cancellations made within 48 hours of the appointment start time. We understand exceptional circumstances can sometimes arise – rescheduling/refund will be at our discretion within 48 hours of the start date.
  • Cancellation by us – If we need to cancel for any reason efforts will be made to alert the client as soon as possible, and rescheduling/refund will be offered.