The WellNow Co bulk shopping dispensers for shampoo conditioner and hand wash

Having launched The WellNow Co’s clean bulk shopping offering only a few short weeks ago, I’ve been blown away by the response. It was born out of a desire to be more sustainable, efficient and cost effective in my own life, but it seems to have struck chord with others.

One of the questions I’ve been asked a lot is about what are the best re-usable dispensers for bulk shampoo, conditioner and hand wash. I know that re-using is the best approach, but for some of you who want to embark on this change it may not be practical. So, I’ve compiled a few suggested items and a bit of an explainer with each.

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Glass bottles are best in terms of no leaching chemicals into the product, and the dark glass means that sunlight won’t damage the product either. The downside is that with slippery soapy hands in the shower, bath or at the sink the chance of them dropping and smashing and being a health hazard is very real. Especially for the littlest people in the house, including the tiny visitors. However, if you’re not likely to let one of these beauties slip out of your hands, these are a particularly smart option:

The added protection of a rubber base on these glass bottles is why I like them a lot too:

Stainless Steel

These hard core durable stainless steel dispensers are really smart. And the fact they come in different finishes means you can work it into your décor with ease. The copper finish are really stylish, but the simplicity of the plain stainless steel has a really clean feel.


Similar to the glass situation, ceramic dispensers may be a little high-risk, but are a smart option for reusable dispensers at your sinks. It’s look can be more appealing than some of the other options. These white and black ones are a striking looking.


This jarred with me initially. Here we are trying to reduce plastic and I’m encouraging the use of plastic. I still say that re-using is best. Take a look at some dispensers you already have in your house. Can you remove the label? Can you re-purpose for some, or all, places in the house? The reality is that if you invest in smart, good quality re-usable dispensers they are far from single use. In fact, you should have them for years to come. They are a much safer option in bathrooms for everyone, but especially the younger and much older members of the family. The amber and dark green options are a very popular choice and are made from recyclable plastics.

When I embarked on this new approach for my family almost a year ago, I had planned it for a while so had been squirreling away containers for shampoo, conditioner and handwash along with other house cleaning products. I’m re-using them very successfully. But it did take a bit of time to gather enough for the house. Whatever your approach is, just remember that every little positive chnage for your health and the environment makes a difference.

Just a reminder that the next order deadline is this Friday 16th April at close of business. To see the full, current product list on offer and order deadlines check out our offering of Bulk Shopping Clean Products.

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