The links between stress and your health are long established. Find out what’s causing the stress and you’ll get better. Well, if it was only that simple!

Stress, for starters, is very personal and relevant to an individual’s perspective. What might stress one person wouldn’t even enter the stress radar for another. So there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach to establishing what your stressors are and then attempting to eliminate or diminish them. The Stress Solution is jam-packed full of information on causes of stress and how to manage it.

The Author
Dr. Chatterjee is a familiar face to anyone who has seen BBC’s Doctor in the House and is also a best-selling author with his book, The 4 Pillar Plan. He is one of a new wave of GPs in the UK who refreshingly look at patients with a holistic approach to establish what may be causing symptoms and aim to address the cause and not just the symptoms. This means giving the patient more control and also less medication than would ordinarily have been administered and yet helping improve their health in the long term.

This book is looking at stress and breaks it down into four sections. As a lover of lists, the structure of this book is an organized person’s dream. It allows you to be brought through big topics as they are chunked down into tangible elements that you can apply to your own life if necessary. There is a very approachable tone to the book, and using case studies and personal experience makes any comparison to your own personal stress seem very acceptable.

The four sections in the book are Body, Mind, Relationships, and Purpose. The simplicity of the approach makes the book really effective. Dr. Chatterjee highlights points within these topics that would ordinarily be easily overlooked such as the fundamental importance of connection with loved ones and the impact of nurturing relationships to stay healthy.

He also explains effective tools used in coaching that I know to work extremely well, such as reframing, positive affirmations, and scheduling. In addition to this, he discusses the importance of good nutrition, sleeping well and exercise and their connection to stress and also how to improve them.

The book itself is beautifully produced with imagery you wouldn’t mind jumping into and clarity throughout, which in itself seems to create calm. You could read it cover to cover or just dip into the areas you feel suit you best.

While it brings awareness to so many areas, some might find the quantity of topics a bit overwhelming. I think less topics and more practical application advice and tools might work well for some. However, if that is the case I would start from the beginning and read at your own pace. It will be worth it in the end.

This book is bursting with really positive information on combating stress. Definitely a book for anyone looking for a positive approach to their health – short and long term.

I think this is important for anyone to explore whoever feels a sense of being overwhelmed in any aspect of their life. Even if it only brings about one positive change, this book is worth getting.

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